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Geek, Gamer, Blogger, breaker of things & destroyer of @world.
My interests, aside from computers, include playing stringed instruments, listening to old rock music, learning new things, and getting a pizza the action making that dough! My favorite activities to relax include video games, listening to music, reading, watching documentaries, and talking hours on end with my girlfriend from the other side of the country who I met online and seen over Christmas. If you have my on Facebook then you'll know that she's real and totally not made up. Don't add me on Facebook if you don't know me. I don't use Facebook. Leave my Facebook alone.
I love to chill out to the Beatles, and rock out to Metalica, Guns n` Roses, and Ozzy, but my guilty pleasures are Garth Brooks, Kenny Loggins, and Red Sovine.
Fighting Racism with Racism, Critical flaws of Critical Race Theory

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Fighting racism with racism, why critical race theory and woke culture is no better than many of the ideologies of white supremecy.

Still Alive: Recent Chapters of my Life

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The past five years of my life have been rough, and even more so recently. But I'm here, and this is where I'm at, and this is how I got here.

A Modern Guide to hardening Linux

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A brief introduction to hardening Linux in 2020.

Gentoo Quick Install Guide

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A step by step guide on how to install Gentoo Linux from the minimal installation ISO

Digital Ocean Review and $100 Credit towards your first 60 days of service

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Digital Ocean offers state of the art cloud computing systems and platforms for developers. Get a one $100 credit towards your first 60 days of service with Digital Ocean